Planet Storytime Podcast

***The Beatru Chronicles*** (Chapter 3~Stampede) - PSP37

December 31, 2020 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 2 Episode 20
Planet Storytime Podcast
***The Beatru Chronicles*** (Chapter 3~Stampede) - PSP37
Show Notes

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Planet Storytime!

It's NYE!  This is our last episode from our 2nd season and we are pleased to bring you chapter three from The Beatru Chronicles as we continue to journey with Beatru and her current challenges out on the Great Plain!    

We really hope you enjoy it:)

Thank you to all who have embraced Beatru and her adventure - we truly believe you'll love this key chapter in her story!

And thanks to everyone for making season 2 such a massive success for our team!   While 20 podcasts was well short of our schedule for 2020, we experienced exponential growth from where we were a year ago - and it's all because of you!   Thank you for connecting with us during one of the most challenging years in recent memory, and for helping us grow - we salute each and every one:)

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve - be safe and smart - and we will see you soon with our first episode of season 3!


The PSP Team

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